Workplace Culture

As the largest customer-owned health and benefits company in the United States, and one of the largest health insurers in the country overall, Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) provides exemplary products and superior services to millions of members through the Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans we operate in more than 50 offices across Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

Within every community where we do business we pride ourselves in being recognized as an employer of choice. We hold ourselves accountable to our code of business ethics and conduct and our core values of integrity, responsibility, mutual respect and corporate citizenship everyday in everything we do.

HCSC promotes an environment in which our most valued assets — our employees — are empowered to succeed. HCSC recognizes the importance in the work done by each and every HCSC employee, and we show our appreciation through our Total Rewards program, which includes salary, bonuses, benefits and a pervasive environment of "thank you" and appreciation. By surveying our employees annually, we make sure our culture is aligned and that employees have input into the future of our business.

Our culture is focused on five components:


The health care industry is going through unprecedented changes, which, as a result, have also generated new opportunities for HCSC and new products for our members. We work hard to keep employees knowledgeable about the changing environment and welcome ideas and suggestions that improve the environment we work in and address the needs of our members.


At HCSC, we believe that our people are a powerful asset. It is through people that we serve our customers, achieve our results and ultimately, grow our business. As such, we believe that people are a significant investment in the strength and sustainability of our business. Every HCSC employee is valued, and we take great strides to ensure that their skills and abilities are maximized. This means we care about development and growth and have strong, formalized means to ensure every person has the opportunity to contribute to their highest potential while serving our business strategies. Whether an entry level professional or a senior vice president, we will always invest in our people's development and ultimate success.


Our employees individually and collectively contribute to the ongoing success of the business. HCSC promotes an environment in which our most valued assets, our employees, are empowered to succeed. We believe that paying for superior performance is critical to retaining, developing and attracting the best employees — showing employees that their contributions to HCSC's strategy and vision are recognized and rewarded accordingly.


We place the right talent in the right positions, where they are stimulated, challenged and motivated in a productive and enjoyable work environment. HCSC recognizes the meaning and importance in the work done by each and every HCSC employee, and we show gratitude to our dedicated workforce not only by monetary rewards, but also being appreciative and thankful to our employees. We encourage employee engagement. Our BluePulse survey allows us to measure the thoughts and attitudes from every employee about HCSC, effectively taking the "pulse" of our culture. Using the BluePulse data we identify gaps, opportunities and strengths within our organization, we hear what our employees say and we take actionable measures for the continued enhancement of our engaged workforce.

Health and Wellness

HCSC's Motiva Wellness Department offers a variety of employee programs to promote healthy life changes. These initiatives include engaging wellness and self improvement programs, health assessments, a variety of health screenings, weight programs and smoke and tobacco cessation programs, providing information on prevention, and additional resources designed to help employees manage their health. Employees are even offered wellness rewards for participation in some programs.