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Blue Distinction®

Blue Distinction can improve the quality of care consumers receive by recognizing medical facilities that deliver better overall care. Its focus is on high-volume, high-risk and high-cost areas of specialty care, including:

Blue Distinction Centers for Bariatric Surgery®

These centers provide a full range of bariatric surgical care services, including inpatient care, post-operative care, follow-up and patient education.


Blue Distinction Centers for Cardiac Care®

These centers provide a full range of cardiac care services, including inpatient cardiac care, cardiac rehabilitation, cardiac catheterization and cardiac surgery.


Blue Distinction Centers for Transplants®

The transplant programs offered at these centers provide services, such as global pricing, financial savings analysis and global claims administration and support services.


Blue Distinction Centers for Complex and Rare Cancers®

These centers provide inpatient cancer care programs for adults, including those treating complex and rare subtypes of cancer, delivered by multidisciplinary teams with subspecialty training and distinguished clinical expertise, focus on treatment planning and complex, major surgical treatments.


Blue Distinction Centers for Knee and Hip ReplacementSM

These centers provide inpatient knee and hip replacement services, including total knee and total hip replacement surgeries.


Blue Distinction Centers for Spine SurgerySM

These centers provide inpatient spine surgery services, including discectomy, fusion and decompression procedures.


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