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Medicare settlement and you
Coping with hearing loss
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Your Health

10 keys to healthy aging

Healthy Living

No matter how old you are, it’s not too late to take steps to improve your health. Check out these 10 keys to a healthier, longer life free from heart disease, cancer, and respiratory problems. Following them can lead to a strong mind and body.

Read the 10 keys here.


Feature Story

Let the world know about your hearing loss

Charlotte Gibbons, 97, is "H of H" (her shorthand for hard of hearing). She used to be embarrassed about it. Now she tells everyone – and she finds she isn’t so embarrassed any more. Meanwhile, her friends, who used to get annoyed when she asked them to repeat things, are much less annoyed themselves.

Read Charlotte's inspiring account here.

Are you hard of hearing? Check out this great deal from TruHearing.

Hard of Hearing
Feature Story

Take charge of your diabetes

Eat What You Love

Are you eating because you're hungry? Or because it's noon? Or because you're angry with your spouse? Read what a doctor and nutritionist have to say about how "mindful eating" – being aware of when and why you are eating – can help you manage your diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Strategies for "mindful eating" are described in detail.

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