Getting Started with iEXCHANGE®

Our automated preauthorization tool — iEXCHANGE — supports direct submissions and provides online approval, benefits for inpatient admissions and select outpatient services 24 hours a day, seven days a week — with the exception of every third Sunday of the month when the system will be unavailable from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (CT). iEXCHANGE is accessible to physicians, professional providers and facilities contracted with Oklahoma.

BCBSOK contracted providers who are registered with Availity can submit electronic preauthorization requests for out-of-area Blue Plan members. For additional information refer to our Pre-Service Review for Out-of-Area Members tip sheet.

New User Setup

You will need a User ID, password and iEXCHANGE ID to gain access to the tool.

  • If you are a new employee in an office that already uses iEXCHANGE, contact your office administrator for a new username.
  • If your office is new to iEXCHANGE, you will need to set up an initial administrator account.
  • To set up a new account, you must be a network physician, professional provider or facility within Oklahoma. If you meet the criteria, complete and submit the online enrollment form.
  • You can access iEXCHANGE  directly or through Availity .

New Account Management

Enrollment confirmation will be sent via email within 10 business days. The assigned User ID is for your office administrator who will also be able to create additional usernames for new staff members. The unique iEXCHANGE ID is your office account number — it is the same for all users in your office.

  • You will receive a temporary password, which must be changed upon receipt.
  • If you forget your password or it has been compromised, use the Forgot Password option on the iEXCHANGE Provider login page . Or, ask your office administrator to reset your password for you.
  • If you are the iEXCHANGE office administrator and you need your password reset, complete and submit the iEXCHANGE Password Reset Form.
  • All passwords must be changed every 30 days.


The Provider login  can be added to your favorites. Transaction requests include inpatient admission requests and extensions, treatment searches, provider/member searches and select outpatient service requests and extensions.

  • To search by member ID, key the member ID exactly as it appears on the ID card. Name and date of birth search options also are available.
  • Required Data — All fields should be completed for each transaction unless marked "optional." Short lists can be created by the administrative users for commonly used provider ID numbers, diagnoses and procedure codes.


Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, iEXCHANGE will support requests for additional Behavioral Health, Pharmacy and Medical/Surgical Treatment services. Webinars are being held to provide iEXCHANGE users with an overview of what's new and improved for 2014.

iEXCHANGE New Enhancements/Features

This training session is relevant for new and existing users who want to learn about iEXCHANGE system enhancements. It will highlight existing and enhanced iEXCHANGE preauthorization functionality.

iEXCHANGE Staff Training – Behavioral Health (Intensive Outpatient Program)

This session is designed for staff members who are responsible for initiating preauthorization requests for the initial 4 visits per episode of care (without clinical review) to Intensive Outpatient Program services exclusive to H0015 (Alcohol and/or substance abuse) and S9480 (Psychiatric services per diem).

If your organization requires training on topics that are not listed above, custom training is available upon request. Please email us and include the following information:

  • Contact name/phone number
  • Organization name
  • iEXCHANGE ID (if applicable)
  • NPI and Tax ID
  • Training topic
  • Number of attendees