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A Message from Our President

Mar. 1, 2018

Thank you for choosing Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK). We’re privileged to stand with you and offer the protection and stability that health care can give you and your family. 

The health care system keeps changing at a faster pace than ever, but we stay committed to finding ways to work with providers to make sure you have access to quality, affordable care. Whether you’re covered through the individual market, a government program or your employer, our priority is to make sure you have the tools and resources to get the most from your coverage. That means as we work to give you better health results, we must also keep our sights set on controlling costs.

We’re going to keep doing what we’re doing, but across the board, there’s still more to do. Many people struggle to pay for health insurance. We owe it to you to find answers that aim for what has eluded us as a nation—affordability.

To accelerate our focus on keeping your coverage choices affordable, BCBSOK is proud to be a part of Affordability CuresSM – a three-year endeavor that will address the root causes of a high-cost health care system. By focusing on key areas including collaborative care, employer tools, financial security for your household, community relationships and forward-looking data-driven solutions, we hope to improve affordability for the long term.

Some of these plans are already underway. We’re taking on health disparities by improving access to care in rural and underserved communities across the state, including tribal communities, and investing in economic development and workforce programs that enable our communities to grow and prosper. We also remain active and invested in an Oklahoma health information exchange that makes it possible for doctors and other caregivers to have secure and convenient access to your medical files online to promote coordination of care. This improves quality of care at the least cost. I encourage you to visit our Affordability Cures website to learn more. Soon you’ll be able keep up with the latest updates and progress we’re making that could impact you and your family.

We understand that having health care coverage means more than just "having insurance." That’s why our commitment extends to investing in solutions that will lead to a long-term, affordable path for the future of your health. 

Ted Haynes
President, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma

Recent Updates

Retail Updates

Proposed Short-Term Health Plan Policy

Mar. 1, 2018

On Feb. 20, the Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor, and the Treasury proposed a new rule on short-term health insurance plans. For now, nothing changes. The federal government still needs to gather and review feedback from the public. Once we know what the final proposal is, we’ll let you know how it may impact you.

Group Updates

Quarterly Drug List Updates for Employer Groups

Apr. 02, 2018

Each quarter, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma prescription drug lists for our employer group customers are reviewed and updated. Drugs can be added or removed from the lists due to pharmaceutical industry changes and to make sure the medications on the drug list are safe, effective and affordable.

It’s important to note that generic equivalents are available for most medications excluded from a drug list. Members should discuss any medication concerns with their doctor or pharmacist.

Second quarter changes for most non-regulated employer group plans went into effect on Apr. 1, 2018. Affected members were sent a letter detailing the updates.

Changes and effective dates may depend on group funding type (fully insured/self-funded), plan renewals and the specific prescription drug list the group has selected.

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