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Pilot Program Yields Success for BCBSOK Primary Care Providers

Apr. 21, 2016

Tulsa, OK — The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced that the Greater Tulsa Region was the only participant, out of seven total, to achieve net savings in year two of the CMS Innovation Center's Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative (CPC). The CPC initiative offers reimbursement to primary care physicians over the course of four years, if they meet or exceed specific milestones.

In 2013, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK), the largest private payer in the state, collaborated with CMS and other payers to offer Oklahoma-based primary care practices an opportunity to participate in the CPC initiative. This four-year, multi-payer pilot program challenges primary care physicians to transform their practices, resulting in improved health of their population, along with, better health care and lower medical costs, all which leads to improvement in the health status of Oklahoma. The program strongly focuses on reimbursing providers for the outcomes achieved for their patients. There were 64 practices selected by CMS to participate, encompassing 265 providers in the Greater Tulsa Region, which served approximately 140,000 Oklahomans.

This unique program is truly a collaboration between participating payers and one key to the success of the Greater Tulsa Region, is the integration of MyHealth Access Network , whose technology allows providers to have a broader access to the health history of the patients they are actively treating. MyHealth Access Network was chosen by CMS to be one of the three data aggregators across the nation and is also part of a bigger picture in transformation to outcomes- based medicine which serves as a health information exchange in Oklahoma.

Incentives for the primary care practices, including the opportunity to receive shared savings payments when quality metrics are achieved, became available the second year after the program was implemented. According to the CMS report, the Greater Tulsa Region generated a net savings of $10.8 million. Of the 64 Oklahoma clinics participating, 49 achieved the quality control standards needed to participate in the region’s potential shared savings for 2014.

"We believe the formula for the success of the Greater Tulsa Region CPC initiative is the collaboration among the payers, the engagement from the field service teams and the commitment of our participating providers to work together to support practice transformation which is improving health outcomes for our members," said Joseph R. Cunningham, M.D., Divisional Senior Vice President of Health Care Delivery and Chief Medical Officer at BCBSOK. "We are pleased to have joined forces with CMS and other payers on this project and it is rewarding to see the positive impact the CPC initiative is having on the overall health of our state. Together, we are making a difference in Oklahoma."

The success of the CPC pilot program in Tulsa is now being replicated with other BCBSOK primary care doctors across Oklahoma. BCBSOK will continue to encourage this collaboration to achieve long-term savings and improve health and wellness outcomes for our members.

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The following physicians are participating in the Greater Tulsa Region Comprehensive Primary Care initiative. Congratulations for your success in achieving positive outcomes for BCBSOK members through the Comprehensive Primary Care initiative.

Community Physicians Group
Dr. Zachary Bechtol
Dr. Charles Chouteau
Dr. Lora Collier
Dr. Mitchell Collier
Dr. Cheryl Kroeker
Dr. Richard Tidwell

Independent Practices
Dr. Jason Crouch
Dr. Renee Russell
Dr. James Seratt
Dr. Steven Wiseman

Jenks Family Physicians
Dr. Andrew Driscoll Donnelly
Dr. Brian Lewis
Dr. Brent Wakefield

OU Physicians
Dr. James Crutcher
Dr. Jason Deck
Dr. Syeachia Dennis
Dr. Douglas Ivins
Dr. James Millar
Dr. Barbara Miller
Dr. Louis Mulkey
Dr. Linda Oberst-Walsh
Dr. Alton Rae
Dr. John Tipton
Dr. L Janelle Whitt
Dr. John Carment
Dr. Oliver Cerqueira
Dr. F. Daniel Duffy
Dr. Martina Jelley
Dr. Bernadette
Dr. John Schumann
Dr. Carmen Vesbianu
Dr. Michael Weisz
Dr. William Yarborough

St. John Clinic
Dr. Kimberly Ashlock
Dr. Marjorie Bennett
Dr. Bruce Bennett
Dr. Laura Bilbruck
Dr. Theron Bliss
Dr. Curtis Coggins
Dr. Michael Cooper
Dr. Jon Cox
Dr. Brian Crotty
Dr. Afsar Emery
Dr. Helen Franklin
Dr. Andrew Gordon
Dr. Harleen Grewal
Dr. James Hanlon
Dr. Paul Higbee
Dr. Erick Hill
Dr. William James
Dr. Chitralekha Kathuria

Dr. Christopher Klotz
Dr. Brent Laughlin
Dr. Cynthia Maloy
Dr. Michael Maxwell
Dr. Trudy Milner
Dr. Robert Niebergall
Dr. Robert Paulsen
Dr. Jacqueline Petray
Dr. James Phoenix
Dr. Mitchell Preston
Dr. Terroll Ramsey
Dr. Robert Shepler
Dr. Tracy Smith
Dr. Kevin Steichen
Dr. Stephen Sutton
Dr. Charles Teter
Dr. Yvan Thomas
Dr. Ethel Vasquez Harmon
Dr. Michael Vu
Dr. Rebecca Wackowski
Dr. Peter Wenger

Stillwater Family Care
Dr. Frank Evans
Dr. Garrick Shreck
Dr. Kelsey Smith
Dr. Corby Smithton

Stillwater Medical Center Clinic
Dr. Terry Brown
Dr. Mary Clarke
Dr. Elisa Davis
Dr. Dianne English
Dr. Woody Jenkins
Dr. Michele Macdonnell
Dr. Kevin Oltmanns
Dr. Krystal Voight

Utica Park Clinic
Dr. Andrea Adams
Dr. Khalid Aly
Dr. Paul Battles
Dr. Robert Boyles
Dr. Michael Cain
Dr. Mark Callery
Dr. Christopher Chow
Dr. Debra Colpitt
Dr. William Cook
Dr. Tobin Crow
Dr. Martin Davis
Dr. Sarah Elneser
Dr. Clayton Flanary
Dr. Matthew Fowler
Dr. Catherine Gaffney
Dr. Kristine Galich
Dr. Jeffrey Galles
Dr. Yancy Galutia
Dr. Ron Gann
Dr. Michael Gebetsberger
Dr. Scott Ghere

Dr. Michael Gietzen
Dr. Randy Grellner
Dr. Robert Hightower
Dr. Jeffrey Howard
Dr. Christopher Hunter
Dr. Beau Jennings
Dr. Lisa King
Dr. Frank Kondos
Dr. Colm McCauley
Dr. Mary Mills
Dr. Russell Moneypenny
Dr. Dana Morrel
Dr. Paul Morrison
Dr. Ronald Oglesby
Dr. Johnie Owens
Dr. Keith Patterson
Dr. George Pendell
Dr. Geoffrey Plumlee
Dr. Gary Postelwait
Dr. Jason Riffe
Dr. David Ring
Dr. Patti Shaw
Dr. Kelly Shuler
Dr. Michael Ward
Dr. Terence Williams
Dr. Mercedes Zano

Warren Clinic
Dr. Jack Aldridge
Dr. Scott Asakevich
Dr. Dina Azadi
Dr. Sharon Barnes
Dr. Vincent Bryan
Dr. Gary Cannon
Dr. Brent Dennis
Dr. Mira Georgy
Dr. Frances Haas
Dr. Robert Hauger
Dr. Donald Higgins
Dr. Matthew Johnston
Dr. Insung Kim
Dr. Lance King
Dr. Joseph Koenig
Dr. Felicia Lee
Dr. Colin Marouk
Dr. Christy Mayfield
Dr. Gary McBryde
Dr. Gerard Mcnulty
Dr. Joseph Moore
Dr. Randall Raine
Dr. Tito Razdan
Dr. Bart Rider
Dr. Vincent Roman
Dr. Joseph Schlecht
Dr. Rim Tabbaa
Dr. Sudip Tripathy
Dr. Kellie Van Tuyl
Dr. Ranilo Vasquez
Dr. Robert Villareal

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