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Celebrating the Nurses Who Support Our Clients and Members

Did you know Blue Cross and Blue Shield employs nurses who help our members get the care they need and improve their health outcomes? In recognition of National Nurses Week, we honor our nurses for their empathy, compassion and commitment to our members.

Many of our nurses devoted a portion of their lives to working long shifts, including nights, weekends and holidays caring for patients in various clinical settings before transitioning to their jobs as case reviewers, care managers and care coordinators and other roles.

Here are a few of their stories.

Jane Ann Brock
Unit Manager
Clinical Operations

Since her childhood, Jane Ann Brock has been drawn to caring for those around her.

“Growing up, all of my dolls were sick, and they needed shots and band aids,” Brock said. “My aunt noticed all my little toys had scars where I had trimmed them to make it look like a scar. In my imagination, I was nursing my dolls back to health.”

Her career in health care industry has spanned more than 30 years. She joined BCBSOK in 2010 and was promoted to clinical operations unit manager last summer.

“I love my role,” Brock said. “I feel like I have an opportunity to help nurses as they help our members to navigate the health care process.”

Brock’s health care background includes working as an emergency room tech while in nursing school and later as a stroke coordinator. The variety of opportunities available in the medical field is part of what Brock enjoys.

“Nursing and heath care give me a purpose to help humanity. It allows me to practice creativity and that constant quest for knowledge,” she said. “I feel like it’s a calling to take care of the sick. That’s always been my foundation. No matter what I am in, I am to help the sick.”

Jane Ann Brock, nurse

Jane Ann Brock

Tami Framel
Appeals Medical Reviewer

Tami Framel felt a sense of pride working in patient care during her time as a bedside nurse. Even though her job title has changed in her time with BCBSOK, Framel continues to enjoy the impact she makes in the health care industry.

“My goal is to stand with our members in sickness and in health,” said Framel, an appeals medical reviewer. “When they’re not healthy, I’m here to make sure they’re getting the care they need. In insurance, you’re helping them in a different way. Even though you’re not giving the care, you’re making sure they get the care they need.”

Framel’s compassionate nature is evident when she works for members and with her team as well.

“I am a very team-oriented person,” she said. “I am a people person. I tend to want to team build and interact with my colleagues.”

Framel has been a loyal BCBSOK team member for 18 years and continues to enjoy the many opportunities nursing has afforded her.

Tami Framel, nurse

Tami Framel

“Nursing has so many different areas and it’s so diverse where to work,” she said. “You may be in bedside, hospice, home health or you may be taking care of a member’s insurance questions. At all places you’re helping, it’s just in different roles and settings.”

Kirk Gatlin
Utilization Management Coordinator

After graduating from college with a criminal justice degree in hand, Kirk Gatlin thought law enforcement would be where he made his mark. Gatlin continued that career path until family came into the picture.

“When I got married and had children of my own, priorities changed a bit,” he said. “My wife was already a nurse. You’re still helping people, so I decided I would give that a try.”

Following nursing school, Gatlin worked in cardiac care, home health, med/surg and Indian Health Service. He continues to help people now as a utilization management coordinator with BCBSOK.

“I’ve enjoyed it,” Gatlin said. “You get to meet a lot of people and learn about them. It’s a very rewarding career.”

Having worked in both law enforcement and the health care industry, Gatlin said there is a correlation that helps shape his approach in his current work.

“Law enforcement has a mantra of ‘protect and serve,’” he said. “And I would say health care is a lot like that.”

Kirk Gatlin, nurse

Kirk Gatlin

Rebecca Hawkins
Unit Manager
Clinical Operations, Commercial Appeals

Rebecca Hawkins admittedly didn’t know much anything about the job that brought her to BCBSOK before she joined the team back in 2017. Looking back, she couldn’t be happier with where her health care career has taken her.

“I didn’t know my career field even existed,” laughed Hawkins, who began as a utilization management coordinator before being named as a unit manager of clinical operations, commercial appeals. “I love BCBSOK and everything about it.”

Hawkins also loves to learn, as evident by her four college degrees. Her continual thirst for knowledge helps Hawkins succeed in her current leadership role.

“I love educating,” she said. “Whatever tool l can think of to help my team, that’s what I’ll do.

In addition to her role with BCBSOK, the energetic Hawkins is an avid volunteer in her community. She is on the Community Investment Committee and Childhood Crisis Taskforce for the Bartlesville Regional United Way, the Family Health Care Clinic Board of Directors in Bartlesville, the Washington County Homelessness Task Force, a Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve in Osage County docent program participant and the Leadership Native Oklahoma program.

“I’m a helper,” Hawkins said. “And as a nurse, we want to help people. I love helping our members, however I can.”

Rebecca Hawkins, nurse

Rebecca Hawkins

Amy Lisle
Utilization management coordinator

Regardless of her role, Amy Lisle’s top priority has remained consistent during her nursing career. “Our bottom line is our members,” she said. “Whatever we do, it is always for them.”

As a utilization management coordinator, Lisle performs medical necessity reviews for member cases. She joined BCBSOK in 2016 after previous experience as a case manager and bedside nursing in the NICU.

“I was familiar with all the different levels of care, particularly working case management,” Lisle said. “You see a lot in the hospital setting, so you relate that to what is being asked of you now.”

Along with from member care, Lisle said the HCSC environment is another aspect that makes what she does more than just a job.

“This is an amazing team,” she said. “Everyone is always very open to help you succeed. They always work together. It’s been a real blessing to me.”

Amy Lisle, nurse

Amy Lisle

Julia Pearce
Wellbeing Health Advisor

Helping members navigate their health journeys is Julia Pearce’s highest priority every day. Realizing the powerful impact she makes with members is something special.

“Being an advocate of behalf of our members brings me the greatest joy, helping with whatever needs they may have,” says Pearce, a wellbeing health advisor for BCBSOK.

“Last September, several years after I first spoke with a member, his wife called to let me know her husband was doing great,” she recalls.  “She thanked me for assisting them in getting approval for what she deemed was a life-saving procedure.”

Pearce had a wealth of health care experience prior to joining BCBSOK. She chose a career in nursing because she had a passion to become a hospice nurse after losing both her parents to cancer while still in her 20s. She eventually transitioned to a role as a regional clinical advisor and then a case management position for a long-term acute care hospital.  

Julia Pearce, nurse

Julia Pearce

“One of the beauties behind the nursing career is that there are so many different opportunities you can do to help an individual,” she said. “Now my main focus is the member and what you can do to help them.”

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