Livongo® Offering Free Tool to Address Members’ COVID-19 Behavioral Health Needs

May 8, 2020

Livongo, a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma partner that provides diabetes and hypertension programs, is offering a COVID-19-specific version of its myStrength digital behavioral health resource. This self-service tool is now available to our members and their family and friends during the pandemic. Members and visitors to our COVID-19 website can access myStrength for free through July 31, regardless of whether your company participates in other Livongo programs.

What’s included? The tool includes 25+ education modules about mental health and evidence-based coping skills. Topics range from loneliness to managing time at home with children. Members and visitors will find a variety of materials, presented in short, two-to-three minute lessons that they can use at their convenience. Review more information in this flier.

How to use the tool: Members and visitors can access the tool from our COVID-19 website. Then they create an account by entering their first name, date of birth, email address and ZIP code. 

This resource is completely free to our members until the end of July. Livongo*/myStrength may decide to continue access past July. Participants will see the end date on the landing page when they sign up.  

What you can do: Help your employees by sharing this information and flier.

Livongo is an independent company that provides chronic condition management to members with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma coverage. Livongo is solely responsible for the products and services it provides.