Blue Access for Employers

Telehealth, Powered by MDLIVE

Starting in 2016, self-insured, non-grandfathered groups with 500+ employees can sign-up for our ASO telehealth solution, powered by MDLIVE, a leading telehealth vendor.

Telehealth enables your employees to visit with a board-certified doctor by video 7am-9pm (local time). Now, instead of going to the doctor’s office, employees can talk with a doctor while at home, work or any place else.

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Getting Care from a Telehealth Doctor

MDLIVE’s doctors can treat many non-emergency medical and behavioral health conditions, like:

General Health
• Allergies
• Asthma
• Joint aches
• Sinus infections

Pediatric Care
• Cold/flu
• Ear infections
• Pink eye

Behavioral Health
• Online counseling
• Child behavior/learning issues
• Stress management

They can also write – and send – prescriptions (when appropriate) to a nearby pharmacy.

Choosing a Doctor

Finding a Telehealth doctor is easy.  Employees can select the last doctor they met with or search for a new one by:

  • Specialty
  • Language
  • Gender
  • Location

They can also meet with the next available doctor or schedule a future appointment based on availability. 

Let employees get care when – and where – they need it. 

Talk with your BCBSOK representative about how MDLIVE’s telehealth solution can work for you.

MDLive is an independent company that does not provide Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma products or services. MDLive is solely responsible for the telehealth products and services it provides.