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Online Magazine Explores Ways We Are Working to Improve the Health Care System

Making the Health Care System WorkSM Learn more about third-party links , an online magazine from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK), explores hot topics in health care around access, costs and innovative solutions.

BCBSOK understands that the health care system is complex, and it isn’t working well enough for some of us. With Making the Health Care System Work, BCBSOK will share its insider’s view of how health insurers, doctors, hospitals and employers can work together to provide access to affordable, high-quality care and help people live healthy, productive lives.

Making the Health Care System Work uses this insight to explore ways everyone can work together to make the health care system work better. All of us — individuals, providers, employers and insurers — have a vital role to play. BCBSOK wants to be part of a constructive conversation.

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