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Blue Plan65 Select Participating Hospitals and Providers


You can save more money every month with our popular Blue Plan65 Select option.

Our Plan F and Plan N Blue Plan65 Select options offer you the same solid benefits as our standard plans, but cost less. You save on premiums simply by agreeing to use any of our Medicare Select participating hospitals or providers for non-emergency elective admissions as defined by the admitting facility.

If you do not use one of these hospitals or providers for your non-emergency admissions, you pay the full Part A deductible. You must also use a participating hospital or provider to save on cost sharing. Blue Plan65 Select is not an HMO. With Blue Plan65 Select, you are fully covered for emergency care at any facility, and you can choose your own doctors and specialists.

Visit Provider Finder to find a Blue Plan65 Select hospital or provider near you. You must live within a 25 mile radius of a Blue Plan65 Select participating hospital.