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BCBSOK employee LaTreshia Roebuck poses with members of her family at church

Employee Spotlight: Roebuck Thankful for the Impact of Family, Faith and BCBSOK

LaTreshia Roebuck has several reasons to be thankful.

Roebuck, the director of communication and strategy for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma, has made an impact throughout her 19-year BCBSOK journey. But it’s those around her that are the reason for Roebuck’s reflection and appreciation during the holiday season.

Roebuck’s approach to life is heavily influenced by her family. She has four daughters — two who are biological — and her husband. Her mother passed away several years ago, which played a role in Roebuck drawing even closer to her grandmother, Claudia, who died in 2019. However, Claudia’s impact and her words of wisdom continue to live on in several aspects of her granddaughter’s life. 

Family: “There are certain people you need to feed with a long-handled spoon.” — Claudia

Roebuck will spend this time of year being thankful for her family and her memories. They’ll play board games, reminisce, watch holiday movies and continue various family traditions. Every Thanksgiving, Roebuck makes a new dish in honor of her grandma.

“My grandma went all out for Thanksgiving,” Roebuck says. “It was a big deal. As a family, we take a moment to give God thanks for all of his goodness. Spending time with family and being present are important.”

She adds, “My grandma was a tremendous influence on me. At Thanksgiving, we remember her and reflect on her memories and the love. I miss the wisdom. She was just brutally honest. I’m extremely grateful for those old-school values she instilled in me. She was little and mighty — full of wisdom, honor and integrity.”

Just how significant was Claudia’s impact on Roebuck? When Clifton, her soon-to-be husband, wanted to propose to Roebuck, it was Claudia he asked for her hand in marriage. The answer was yes, but on one condition: The couple had to live within 10 minutes of Claudia’s house.

“My grandma kept my kids when they were little,” she recalls. “I can’t think of a time when my grandma wasn’t close to me. My grandma was the family glue. She made sure we were all good.” 

Roebuck continues to pass on her grandma’s wisdom to the next generation, especially when it comes to fostering a positive mindset.

“She used to say, ‘There’s no such thing as can’t. That word doesn’t exist. You can do anything,’ I still tell my girls that now,” Roebuck says.

Faith: “Where there’s life, there’s always hope.” — Claudia

Roebuck’s faith also plays an important role in her life. Roebuck leaned even more into her faith in 2021 following an unfavorable diagnosis that required hospitalization. 

The experience left her thankful to be back on her feet and healthy.

“The holidays are a big reflection time to give God reverence,” she says. “I’m thankful for life, thankful for breathing. With my mom and grandma deceased, I treasure the family I have left with my husband and girls. I’m extremely grateful that I’m watching my girls grow up. I’m grateful to see my sister and nieces and nephew grow up.”

BCBSOK: “… God makes room for your gifts.” — Claudia

Since Roebuck joined BCBSOK in 2004, her role has changed numerous times. She’s had seven different roles within the company. 

“Each one of them has stretched me,” Roebuck says. “Each role was created for me based on my skills and capabilities, but it forced me out of my comfort zone. I’m grateful for my journey here. I always tell people to quit thinking you have to have this traditional career path. God makes room for your gifts.”

Roebuck is one of the first people of color to hold a director position for BCBSOK, a distinction she appreciates and does not take for granted.

“I get to work with some amazing people every single day,” Roebuck says. “I’m grateful for this — I got married, had two children, buried my mother and grandmother. The people I work with celebrated my wins and comforted me through my losses. I don’t take that for granted. I give God thanks every day. And I also feel like it’s my mission to help other people of color.”

Reflecting on her time at BCBSOK, Roebuck tries to remain authentic in her interactions with colleagues, another characteristic she may have inherited from Grandma Claudia.

“One thing I’m proud of is I haven’t had to change who I am,” Roebuck says. “When you invite me to the room, you get me.”

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