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BCBSOK employee and U.S. Army veteran holds up his uniform

Employee Spotlight: Proud to Serve

Stacy DeWine has served members for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma and its parent company the past nine years and currently is a customer service supervisor with pharmacy services.

But prior to his time with the company, DeWine served his country as a radio and communications security repair technician in the U.S. Army. DeWine’s four years of service included a one-year stint halfway around the world in Seoul, Korea.

“I would troubleshoot security equipment anywhere from declassified to classified up to top secret information,” DeWine says.

Stationed in a foreign land presented its own challenges of performing everyday military tasks, including a challenging climate. DeWine described the weather as, “three seasons of weather, monsoon season along with extreme heat and extreme cold.” 

Following a medical honorable discharge, DeWine spent the remainder of his service time at Fort Cavazos (formerly Fort Hood), near Killeen, Texas. 

It’s an experience he has continued to appreciate since completing his military service in 1999.

“I do not regret the time spent serving my country,” DeWine says. “I appreciate the time being able to do that. I wasn’t in combat, but I served the country by helping my peers.”

DeWine says he still applies some of the lessons learned during his military service in his current position with the company.

“I see people who are in tough places in their lives and people tell me about things that are happening to them,” he says. “The advice my sergeants gave to me I can give here. I try to be uplifting with my team. I made the most of the situation I was in. I motivated myself. I try to be an uplifting leader. I try to be fair and caring.”

DeWine has continued to help his peers as well. He recently served as the director of communications for the Supporters of Military Veterans at BCBSOK and is one of numerous veterans throughout BCBSOK. We thank each of you for your service.

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