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Bowling enhances BCBSOK employee's work experience

Employee Spotlight: Off-the-Clock Hobbies Help Comstock Find Her Voice as a BCBSOK Team Member

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma team is comprised of an array of talented individuals. Some of those talents extend beyond the office.

One example is a newer employee, Dani Comstock. Comstock joined BCBSOK in September 2022 as a communications consultant II. Supporting marketing communications and public relations, Comstock’s primary responsibilities include producer communications, coordinating producer-related events, prospecting to potential clients and communications for the Mobile Assistance Center (MAC). She also helps create presentations for large-group finalists.

Comstock’s talents go beyond her roles at BCBSOK. The Oklahoma State University graduate is also an avid bowler. She has traveled throughout the country competing in bowling tournaments, including multiple national-level events.

In 2023, Comstock even competed in the Professional Women’s Bowling Association Greater Dallas Regional.

Dani Comstock and her father

“The house was packed,” Comstock recalled about her first professional event. “Everyone there was so excited. I would do one of those in a heartbeat again if it came close to me.”

She also competed in both the women’s and open national events in Nevada.

For this Enid native, her passion for bowling was sparked at a young age.

“I grew up watching my dad bowl,” she said. “He did league bowling every week. He practiced on Saturdays. I would wake up and watch cartoons. Then he would wake up and turn the TV to bowling since it was on ESPN. We would eat lunch, then go bowling.”

Comstock helped found bowling teams both in high school and at OSU. While attending a bowling tournament with a friend, Comstock learned about a travel league she eventually joined in 2020 and has continued to partipate.

“I like traveling in general, so it’s a combination of two things I enjoy,” Comstock said.

While Comstock is still searching for her first perfect game — and she’s come agonizingly close with a 299 game in her pocket — bowling is not her only hobby. Coming into 2023, Comstock looked to shake things up a bit.

“Like a lot of people, I found myself in a funk after COVID,” Comstock said. “I wanted to find joy again about life. I love trying new things, trying new hobbies. So I decided every week to do something new.”

Comstock’s new adventures have included taking her first pottery class, trying new recipes, reading a new book and even dragon boat racing. The result has been an unexpected, enjoyable journey.

“It reminded me how much I enjoy my own company and it brought my creative side out,” said Comstock, “I minored in art at OSU, but it was a very long time since I did something creative for myself.”

Comstock said unleashing her creativity has also helped amplify her impact early in her BCBSOK career.

“When I get creative outside of work, it helps me be creative inside of work and learning my voice within the company,” she said. “The more activities I can do outside of work, I can see it flow into my work. When you’re excited about life, it translates to everything in life.”

With her first work anniversary on the horizon, Comstock said she has enjoyed learning about the health insurance industry.

“My role has a lot of variety in it, which is where the excitement comes in,” she said. “However, that also means there is a lot to learn in order for me to be successful. My focus in this first year has been to learn as much as I can and figure out how my creativity and experience can be used to support my team and the goals of the company.”

And what has been the highlight of her first year? That’s easy.

“Getting to know the people and what they do,” Comstock said. “There are so many different moving pieces at BCBSOK, and I love learning about them. I just went to my first Caring Van event, which was really educational. I’m starting to work with the MAC team on their open enrollment strategy. I am in the middle of preparing for a group producer training event. My job has a lot of variety to it, which means working with many people in many different departments. I love that.”

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