OHRP offers two comprehensive preferred provider plans, Original Plan and Alternate Plan, with a choice of calendar year deductibles. All of the plans include pharmacy benefits. The deductible options for the Original Plan are: $500; $1,000; $1,500; $2,000; $5,000 and $7,500. Deductible options for the Alternate Plan are: $1,500; $3,000; $5,000 and $7,500.

Preferred provider plans offer you the option of choosing any provider but pay at a higher percentage of allowed charges if you choose a provider who is part of the preferred provider network. You will have access to the Blue® Choice PPO network, our largest provider network in Oklahoma. You have the freedom to choose any physician, hospital or other health care provider in this network and receive the highest level of benefits.

The pharmacy benefit is included on all plans and gives you access to a nationwide network of pharmacies. By using the pharmacy network you will benefit from negotiated discounts on prescription drugs (upon presentation of your identification card). All drugs, supplies, medicines and pharmacy services must be obtained and submitted through the network pharmacy in order to receive the preferred pharmacy benefits.

Your prescription drug and pharmacy benefits are provided by MaxCare Prescription Benefit Services. To learn more about your pharmacy benefits, contact MaxCare toll free at 800-259-7765 or online .

Outline of Benefit Plans

The following summary of plans are intended for descriptive purposes only. All benefits are subject to the terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions, deductibles, copayments, and any and all other contract provisions. Actual contract provisions prevail in the event of conflict with these documents.

Original Summary of Plan Benefits 
Alternate Summary of Plan Benefits 

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