Blue Access for Producers

Opt in for Electronic Funds Transfer and View Commission Payments Online

February 15, 2012

If you have not yet elected to receive commission payments through an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), what are you waiting for? EFT deposits commission payments directly to your bank account. Payments made through EFT are received three to seven days faster than traditional, mailed commission checks. That means your money arrives much sooner! Hundreds of our producers are already using it.

To sign up for EFT, simply complete and submit the form . For those producers who are already registered for Blue Access for ProducersSM (BAP), you can also obtain the EFT form by logging in and following these directions:

  1. Click on "Product Information and Forms"
  2. Click on "Downloadable Forms" (right side of screen)
  3. Select the form named "Authorization for Automatic Commission Deposit"
  4. Complete the form and fax to 918-549-3039

Establishing EFT may take up to two payment cycles, so sign up right away. If you have not registered your producer number and obtained a login for BAP, register now.

Commission Statements Available Online

Registering for BAP automatically includes online commission statements. You receive a monthly email when a new statement is posted. You may access it by logging in to BAP and selecting "view PDFs." Best of all your future and most recent commission statements are available 24 hours a day, and you can decide who has access to view or print your statements through the Password Manager tool.

Newly authorized producers are automatically enrolled in this process. Existing producers who do not sign up for EFT may continue to receive payments and statements through traditional printed methods. However, after the statement period ending on June 30, 2012, printed commission statements will be received only on a quarterly basis in the month that follows the end of each quarter. (Checks will continue to be mailed on a monthly basis if EFT is not selected.)

If you prefer to receive commission checks on a monthly basis, you still have the option to view your commission statements online at BAP.

If you have not recently accessed your BAP account or have forgotten your password, call the Internet Help Desk at 888-706-0583 for fast, easy assistance.

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