Availity Announces Batch Reporting Enhancements

June 21, 2008

In the spirit of continuous improvement, Availity has used customer feedback to make enhancements to the Immediate Batch Response (IBR) report.

Effective June 21, 2008, the IBR report will become a one-to-one file level acknowledgement. This means that submitters will no longer receive multiple IBR responses for a single claim file, thereby facilitating easier reconciliation. Additionally, the new IBR format will include claim level details for all claims, including real-time payers and accepted claims, rather than only including details for rejected claims.

Availity's EDI Guidelines  contain updated information regarding these report changes. The updated Immediate Batch Response Specifications  are available for your review in the reporting section, under "The Buzz" on the Availity Web site .

The affect this enhancement will have on you depends on how you are receiving this report today:

If you receive this report directly from the Availity Web portal: You will not need to do anything special. Beginning June 21, 2008, when you log onto the Availity system, the updated reports will already be in place and available to you.

If you import the IBR into your Practice Management System (PMS): The report enhancements may require your PMS vendor to make programming changes so you can continue to process and post these reports.

If your vendor has made updates to your PMS system to process the new IBR report beginning June 21, 2008: Just follow any instructions from your vendor to ensure you are able to process the new reports on June 21, 2008.

If your vendor will not be ready to process the new IBR report until after June 21, 2008: You will still be able to access this information by electing to receive the text/human-readable version of the report (the IBT). If you choose to receive the text version of the report, Availity recommends the following:

  • Elect to receive both the delimited (IBR) and the text (IBT) versions for the immediate future. This will allow you to receive both versions until your system is updated to process the new delimited format. (See below for instructions on "Setting Customer Preferences to Receive Both the IBR and IBT.")
  • If necessary, the delimited (IBR) versions can be stored locally on your computer while allowing you to continue to monitor your claims activity using the text format. Once your vendor is ready to accept the new IBR, these stored reports may be imported to your system, ensuring continuity of information.
    1. Log into Availity and click on EDI File Management / EDI Reporting Preferences
    2. Locate the Immediate Batch Response (IBR) section
    3. Check both of the following boxes:
      • Data File with HIPAA and Availity Errors (IBR)
      • Text File with HIPAA and Availity Errors (IBT)

Setting Customer Preferences to Receive Both the IBR and IBT
The Primary Access Administrator (PAA) for your organization can set reporting preferences to specify which response files and reports are received. To set these preferences, the PAA will need to proceed as follows:

Important Note for Vendors
Availity's QA environment is now available for those vendor partners who require testing prior to implementing the necessary changes to their systems. You may use your existing QA account (ID and password) to conduct this testing. Please contact your Availity Account Manager for more information or to begin testing.

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