Paper to Electronic (PCS to EPS) Transition Reminders

October 22, 2009

If your office is enrolled for the Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), you are automatically enrolled to receive the Electronic Payment Summary (EPS). The EPS contains the same information as your paper Provider Claim Summary (PCS); however, the EPS arrives faster and offers easier archiving and retrieval capability.

If you are a new ERA/EPS enrollee,

  • You will continue to receive your paper PCS for 30 days after you start receiving your ERA and EPS files.
  • This 30-day transition period is designed to help your office make a gradual switch from paper to electronic processing.
  • When the transition period ends, the PCS will be discontinued and you will receive only the ERA/EPS going forward.

If you enrolled for ERA/EPS directly or through your clearinghouse/billing agent more than a month ago,

  • You may have continued to receive both the ERA/EPS and the PCS in your office for longer than 30 days.
  • Please be advised that your PCS will now be discontinued. Going forward, you will receive only the ERA/EPS.

If you are unsure whether or not your office is enrolled for ERA/EPS, or if you believe that you are no longer enrolled through your current billing agent/clearinghouse, please contact our Electronic Commerce Center at (800) 746-4614 for assistance on how to proceed.

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