Resolved: Missing Information on 835 Transaction

February 5, 2010

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma has identified an internal system issue affecting Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) — ANSI 835 — transactions for electronic claims (ANSI 837 transactions) submitted Jan. 1 through Jan. 18, 2010. During this period, if you or your billing system vendor or clearinghouse submitted a REF (Reference Identification) segment with a "6R" qualifier and unique Line Item Control Number in Loop 2400 of your electronic claim (837), this number was not being returned on your ERA (835) transaction.

This issue has been resolved effective Jan. 19, 2010. ERA files processed this year prior to Jan. 19, 2010, will be corrected and made available upon request. If you have any questions regarding this notification, please contact our Electronic Commerce Center at (800) 746-4614 for assistance.

Note: Providers are encouraged to routinely send a unique line item control number on all service lines, particularly if the item control number gives the provider the capability to automatically post by service line. (An example of a REF segment with 6R qualifier and line item control number is as follows: REF*6R*54321.) When returned to the provider on the 835 transaction, the line item control number may be utilized by the provider for tracking purposes.

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