Changes to BCBSOK’s Policy on Provider Network Effective Date


On May 2, 2022, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK) updated its policy on assigning effective dates to join the networks. This policy enhancement will make it easier for providers to care for BCBSOK members and submit claims in a timely manner.

What’s Changing

  • The contract effective date of a new provider subject to the credentialing process will be the credentialing approval date plus one day. (Example: If BCBSOK approves credentialing on 01/01/22, the effective date is 01/02/22).
  • Providers who are already credentialed with BCBSOK and expanding into additional networks will have an effective date of when the request is processed plus one day. (Example: If BCBSOK processes the request on 01/01/22, the effective date is 01/02/22).
  • For existing in-network providers being added to an existing group the effective date will be determined by BCBSOK, taking into consideration the date requested by the provider or group.

Why it matters

This means you will no longer have to wait until the first day of the following month for your contract to go into effect. BCBSOK wants to continue to be good partners with our providers - reviewing and revising processes and policies to support you in caring for our members is part of that commitment.

Please Note: This change only applies to professional providers. You will be notified of your official effective date by mail, email or contacted by your provider network representative.