Notification of Appeal Timeframe Returning to Normal for Provider Appeals 

In the spring of 2020, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued a notice to health plans and administrators that normal filing periods for appeals or external reviews would be extended through the national emergency (NE).  This was implemented and continues to be in effect.

The appeals team has continued to accept appeals past timely filing but within the window of the acceptable timeframe during the national emergency. BCBSOK has received updated guidance to apply the contracted timely filing (typically 180 days) plus one year. 

The DOL’s Guidance applies to ERISA plans and Member- and Member Authorized Representative (MAR)-filed appeals. In partnership with our providers and in service to our members, we have applied this notice to provider appeals as well for the past two years. 

Effective 9/1/22, provider-filed appeals will return to normal processing timelines.  There will be no change to Member- and MAR-filed appeals at this time.