Preferred Laboratories

LabCorp and Regional Medical Laboratories (RML) are the preferred statewide providers for outpatient clinical laboratory services for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK). Both laboratories have multiple locations statewide, full-time pathologists on staff and convenient technology that provides access to prompt lab results.

Please note that LabCorp and RML are not the only network laboratories available to BCBSOK members, these two preferred laboratories allow members to maximize benefits and lower their out of pocket costs.

LabCorp — currently has 10 Patient Service Centers and are planning a large expansion to be effective in 2017. They have 11 Contracted Phlebotomy Sites and service all 77 Oklahoma counties.

LabCorp provides leading-edge medical laboratory tests and services and their expertise is in esoteric testing, genomic and clinical and anatomic pathology. They are committed to assisting in the development and delivery of new laboratory test that provide enhanced accuracy and additional clinical information. LabCorp is dedicated to provide physicians with timely, high-quality laboratory tests and services that help them provide improved patient care. LabCorp provides a variety of convenient online bill payment options for their patients. LabCorp provides a variety of convenient online bill payment and appointment scheduling options for their patients.

For a full listing of LabCorp services visit .

RML — has a network of 29 patient service centers and contracted draw sites located throughout Oklahoma, which it continues to expand and strategically place new centers. View a list of RML patient service center locations . RML partners with its clients to provide added values associated with its accessible pathologists, expertise in health care data warehousing and analytics. RML’s health care information technologies have positioned it to offer state-of-the-art service to health care professionals and their patients. Via various online portals, RML offers the convenience of online bill pay at no additional charge to patients and the immediate secure access of results by health care professionals "anywhere–anytime 24/7" via an internet connection — available soon on smart phones and tablets.

As a reminder, pass through billing is not permitted by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma, and physicians should only bill for services that they performed themselves. By using our statewide preferred labs, providers can help reduce the overall cost of health care for our members and support our local Oklahoma economy.

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact your BCBSOK Provider Relations Representative..