Online Inpatient Precert Requests Now Available for Providers

June 10, 2010

In our continuing efforts to offer online solutions to assist our providers, we have now implemented iEXCHANGE.  This is an internet pre-certification and concurrent review tool that allows facilities to request, view, extend and ultimately manage cases real-time.  This FREE functionality is available immediately to hospital providers and admitting physicians via the internet and does not require any additional software.

Hospital admitting, patient accounts and utilization management departments (including clinical staff) will find this solution to be faster, easier and more cost effective than completing these transactions via paper or telephone.

Utilizing iEXCHANGE will reduce the amount of time it takes your facility to enter pre-certifications, check the status of pended cases and extend existing authorizations. This will allow your staff to utilize their time more efficiently.

To get set up with an initial administrator account, please register online