IVR Claim Status Menu Changes in July

July 16, 2010

Beginning July 19, 2010, you will notice the following changes when you call our Provider Inquiry Unit (PIU) to obtain basic claim status information via our automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system:

  • If the IVR system identifies that your claim is pended (still being processed), and your claim is aged less than 21 days, you will be advised that additional time is needed to process your claim.
  • The system will remind you to utilize online claim status options, such as the Availity®’ Claim Research Tool (CRT), or other enhanced claim status tools offered by your preferred vendor portal.
  • You will no longer have the option to speak with a Customer Advocate (CA) for claim status on pended claims, since those claims are still in process and additional information is not yet available via the IVR system or the CA.

Registered Availity  users can use the CRT at no charge for up-to-the-minute electronic transactions that are secure, unlimited and printable. By utilizing the Availity CRT, or other online claim status tools provided by your preferred vendor portal, you help keep our CAs available to assist you when you have claim issues beyond basic claim status requests.

For more information refer to the CRT Tip Sheet  and other self-service resources in the Electronic Commerce section of our website. We encourage you to take advantage of all available electronic options before, during and after your claim is processed!

Availity®’ is a registered trademark of Availity, L.L.C., an independent third party vendor that is solely responsible for its products and services.