New CMS Initiative Available to Improve Primary Care

July 12, 2012

Participating providers to receive additional income

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is now partnering with various public and private payers to offer an innovative four-year Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) initiative . With the help of provider incentives, the program will assist primary care practices in delivering higher quality, better coordinated, and more patient-centered care. Only seven regions across the country have been selected to participate – including the Greater Tulsa Region.

Extra income for participating providers

Participating providers will receive extra income, in the form of monthly payments per participating patient. CMS will pay participating providers a monthly care management fee for their Medicare Fee-for-Service beneficiaries (averaging $15-20 per beneficiary). In addition, BCBSOK will offer contracted providers enhanced monthly payments for each BCBSOK participating member attributed to the practice, based on risk stratification.

Application process

To apply with CMS, visit . All applications are due by 5 p.m. EST (4 p.m. CST) on July 20. CMS will select and notify providers in August. Here are a few tips to assist you during the application process:

  • Webinars are available to introduce providers to the CPC Initiative.
  • To apply, each individual practice must complete the eligibility tool , providing a unique email address for each practice site. This unique email address will be stored in CMS’ database, allowing only eligible applicants to create a new user account for the practice application. If an applicant tries to complete the eligibility tool  and submits their email address multiple times, they will not be able to access the actual practice application because of the duplicate account.
  • The system does not allow one administrator to handle multiple site applications. Each individual primary care physician practice site will need to have a point of contact, or at the very least, a unique email address associated with the application.
  • As a participating provider, you must consent to allow CMS to share information with other participating payers.


Join participating primary care physicians in the Greater Tulsa Region, along with public and private payers, as we lead the country in the development of a new CPC Initiative. By participating, you can better your patients’ health and improve the quality of care you deliver. For questions, contact your BCBSOK representative or reach out directly to CMS at