Automated Preauthorization and Referral Tools to be Enhanced

July 12, 2012

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK) is upgrading automated preauthorization (also know as pre-certification or pre-notification) and referral tools. iEXCHANGE®, a web-based application, will now support submission of preauthorization requests and receiving online approval of benefits for select outpatient services, in addition to continuing support of inpatient admissions and referral authorizations. The application upgrade includes minor screen changes to the current tool.

We invite current users to attend our upcoming iEXCHANGE webinars to learn more about changes to the application as a result of this upgrade. Webinars are taking place from September 6 through October 1, 2012. Sessions will be geared toward three separate user audiences: registration/admissions staff, clinicians and iEXCHANGE administrators. A selection of days and times are available on our Training page, so please sign up now!

Note: Registered Availity® users with single sign-on access to iEXCHANGE will be automatically redirected to the updated application.

A new telephone-based option has been added to our interactive voice response (IVR) system for submission of preauthorization requests and receiving approval of benefits for outpatient services, inpatient admissions and referral authorizations. The new application will offer both voice-activated and touch-tone telephone options for preauthorization and referral requests. To access the IVR system, contact the BCBS Provider Line at 800-496-5774 and follow the prompts for preauthorization requests.

The above preauthorization and referral tool enhancements are scheduled for availability by mid-September 2012. Updated reference materials will be posted in the Education and Reference Center section on our website at Please watch the News and Updates section of our Provider website for additional announcements.

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