Right from your home, PrimeMail®, your mail order pharmacy, makes your health a top priority. With PrimeMail, ordering and receiving your long-term medications is easier than ever. PrimeMail provides safe, fast and cost-effective pharmacy services that can save you time and money without sacrificing quality or care.

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Order prescriptions from the comfort of your home.

PrimeMail delivers your medications to your door or wherever you choose in packaging that is:

  • Plain-labeled for privacy
  • Tamper-evident for safety
  • Climate-controlled to prevent spoilage when necessary

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Know that your health and safety are important to us.

PrimeMail makes sure you receive the medicine you need. We take the time to:

  • Closely review each prescription
  • Provide important medication information
  • Call you when your prescriptions are received and sent
  • Remind you when your refill order is due

My Pharmacy

Trust that you are our top priority.

PrimeMail is your pharmacy. You have access to your pharmacy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With PrimeMail you are assured that your prescriptions are:

  • Confirmed for accuracy and quality by registered pharmacists
  • Checked using additional methods, including bar-code matching photo imaging and weight verification
  • Tracked through dispensing, fulfillment and delivery so concerns can be addressed quickly and efficiently

Get Started with PrimeMail Today

Talk to your doctor

  • Ask for a prescription for a 90-day supply of each of your long-term medications to send to PrimeMail
  • Ask for a prescription for a 30-day supply to fill at a retail pharmacy for immediate use

Complete the PrimeMail order form

Submit your order and payment

  • Send through the mail OR ask your doctor to fax your prescription and completed order form to PrimeMail*
  • PrimeMail will notify you when your order is received and shipped
  • Expect your medications in as few as five to eight business days after PrimeMail receives your order 
  • Refill due dates are shown on each prescription label

Tips for Ordering Prescription Drugs by Mail 


If you have questions, visit the PrimeMail website or call PrimeMail at (877) 357-7463 — 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Our Commitment to You

PrimeMail is committed to ensuring that all of your prescription needs for your long-term medications are met. PrimeMail is here for you and ready to be your pharmacy.

* PrimeMail cannot accept faxed prescriptions for controlled substances. These prescriptions must be mailed.

On behalf of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma, PrimeMail mail order pharmacy services are provided by Prime Therapeutics, a pharmacy benefit management company. Prime Therapeutics is owned by 10 Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans, subsidiaries or affiliates of those Plans, including Health Care Service Corporation.