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Medium Group Health Insurance Plans

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK) offers health care plans with the choice, flexibility and affordable options that growing companies want.

Ask your agent, broker or consultant to contact us for details on mid-market group (51-150) solutions.

Mid-Market Business Coverage with Big Benefits

The following network products are available for mid-market groups with 51-150 participants.

Blue Advantage PPOSM

  • Smart statewide PPO
  • Blue Advantage PPO is our most affordable PPO network
  • No Primary Care Provider (PCP) selection required
  • No referral required
  • Out-of-network benefits available
  • BlueCard access

Blue Preferred PPOSM

  • Smart statewide PPO
  • Blue Preferred PPO gives your employees access to a statewide network at an affordable cost
  • No PCP selection or referral required
  • Out-of-network benefits available
  • BlueCard access

Blue Choice PPOSM

  • Broad statewide PPO
  • No PCP selection required
  • One of the largest PPO networks in Oklahoma
  • No PCP selection or referral required
  • Out-of-network benefits available
  • BlueCard access

BlueLincs HMOSM

  • Broad statewide HMO
  • PCP selection required
  • BlueLincs HMO is our most affordable HMO network
  • PCP selection required
  • Referral not required
  • Out-of-network benefits and BlueCard access available for emergencies and accidents only 

Blue OptionsSM

  • Tiered statewide PPO
  • Leverages benefit design to increase utilization at cost-effective providers
  • There are three benefit tiers:
    • Tier 1 – Blue Preferred PPO. Lower cost-share when employees select from this network of providers
    • Tier 2 – Blue Choice PPO. The flexibility of accessing the broader PPO network, but with a higher cost-share
    • Tier 3 – Out of Network. The ability to use OON providers and still receive some coverage
  • No PCP selection nor referral required
  • BlueCard access

BCBSOK Supports Your Business

Health care benefits are a crucial part of recruiting new employees and retaining your existing workforce. That’s why BCBSOK provides you with the tools, resources, and professional health care expertise you need to maintain the health, productivity, and satisfaction of the employees who help your business thrive.

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