Health and Wellness Programs

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK) offers several programs you can use to help your employees lead healthier lives. Contact your BCBSOK account representative for more information.

Benefits Value Advisor®

Your employees have choices when deciding where to go for care. Our Benefits Value Advisor program will help them choose between cost-effective providers in our network for their procedure.

Benefits Value Advisors can help your staff:

  • Understand their benefits
  • Find in-network doctors and hospitals to help avoid out-of-network costs
  • Schedule doctor visits
  • Get preauthorization for certain services
  • Use online educational tools

 One call with a Benefits Value Advisor can lead to cost savings for you — and your employees.

Blue365® Member Discount Program

We want to help our members take care of themselves, every day of the year. That's why BCBSOK health plan members have access to Blue365, an online destination for health-focused discounts.

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement Programs* at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma measure, monitor and seek to continually improve clinical care and service for your employees. Educational communications are an important component of the program and include reminders about immunizations, screenings and healthy lifestyle habits.

Season of Life Programs

The Seasons of Life Program* gives support during a painful time by helping relatives of deceased members to handle health care claims and provider statements quickly and efficiently.

Incentives Program

Learn more about BCBSOK's Incentives Program.

Value-Based Insurance Design

Learn more about BCBSOK's Value-Based Insurance Design.


*Not available for all groups.