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Catapult Health Launches New ‘Virtual Preventive Checkup’ Sept. 1

July 15, 2020

With many events turning virtual due to COVID-19 concerns, Catapult Health, a preferred vendor for biometric screenings, is making preventive care virtual, too. Virtual Preventive Checkups will become an option for your clients’ employees beginning Sept. 1.

The scope and benefits of Catapult’s current Worksite Checkup and the new Virtual Checkup are interchangeable. Both are billed as an in-network preventive care claim.

Catapult events are available to fully insured and ASO groups with 100 lives minimum.

How it works

Employees will:

  • Fill out an online registration form.
  • Receive a kit mailed to their home that includes a free wrist blood pressure monitor, a blood pressure log, measuring tape and simple instructions.
  • Check and record their blood pressure using the included monitor.
  • Do blood testing using a next-generation home blood test (stick blood spot device). Testing includes blood sugar, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides and hemoglobin A1c.
  • Complete a personal health history and discuss their health risks and current medications with a Catapult nurse practitioner via video (at a time and location the employee chooses). The member receives a detailed Personal Health Report immediately after the checkup. Catapult can send results directly to a member in addition to loading them in the member’s secure patient portal.

The checkup also includes a depression screening, filled prescription history if requested, and referrals into your employer-plan-sponsored health improvement programs.

Ask your account representative for more information. You can also visit

Catapult Health is a wellness program vendor for event screenings. Catapult is solely responsible for the programs, products and services that it provides.