How We Choose Providers for Our Networks

Ensuring Member Access Across the State

We check the locations of all health providers in all of our networks to make sure our members have access to in-network providers. It is very important to verify benefits of each network. This includes the networks for the following plans:

  • Blue TraditionalSM
  • Blue Choice PPOSM
  • Blue Advantage PPOSM
  • Blue Preferred PPOSM 
  • Blue Cross Medicare Advantage PPOSM
  • Blue Cross Medicare Advantage HMOSM
  • BlueLincs HMOSM
  • MyBlue HMOSM
  • Native BlueSM

BCBSOK wants to ensure providers are available and accessible to members. We make every effort to keep health insurance affordable and accessible to all Oklahomans.

As part of that commitment, we actively seek relationships that foster valuable partnerships and address our provider network needs. We may look at geographic disparities, quality of care metrics, patient protection issues, types of services being performed and cost-related measures to choose providers for some of our networks.

Last Updated: Feb. 05, 2024