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If you're looking for a health plan that's easy to understand, easy to use and easy on your wallet, an HMO may be just what you need. With MyBlue HMO, you can schedule an appointment with your primary care provider and expect:

  • Monthly premiums, copays and deductibles that are often lower than other types of plans
  • Benefit coordination with your primary care provider if you need to see a specialist
  • Routine check-ups and annual exams

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Care from Mercy and Ardent Health Systems

The MyBlue HMO partnership with Mercy and Ardent health services helps MyBlue HMO members get care in every stage of life. With a broad range of doctors, specialists and hospitals, you and your family will get quality care in your community.

Oklahoma City's Mercy Health

Mercy Health offers over 5200 health services, giving you and your family a support system made up of:

  • 13 major hospital locations close to home
  • 1510 local primary care providers
  • 1385 specialists to rely on for your care

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Tulsa's Ardent Health Services

Ardent Health Services provides Tulsa residents quality care for every member with their network of:

  • 8 major hospital locations close to home
  • 999 local primary care providers
  • 1444 specialists to rely on for your care

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Lower Your Monthly Payment

With MyBlue HMO, you'll have a more affordable monthly payment for you and your family with the same great coverage you've come to expect from BCBSOK.

Even if you didn't qualify in the past, you may be able to receive a subsidy this year to help cover your monthly payments. Begin premium tax credit estimate

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Why Choose BCBSOK

When you choose a plan with BCBSOK, you're getting more than health care coverage. You're getting support that helps make your life easier. A few things you can count on are:

  • A network that's easy to access for you and your family
  • Discounts on health, wellness and fitness costs through programs like Blue 365
  • Around-the-clock support with nurses and care advocates

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Get One-On-One Help

If you’d like more information about MyBlue HMO, you can meet with a licensed BCBSOK agent online or in-person.

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