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Select the right plan to find providers in your network. Remember to always check with the provider to make sure they participate in the network before you get services.

The Provider Finder® Tool for Medicare Advantage Plans

There are several ways to find doctors, specialists, hospitals, and other health care providers in your plan's network.

  1. Search the online Provider Finder® directory to find the most up-to-date health care provider network information. The online directory tool allows you to easily download, print and/or share the health care provider information via email.
  2. Contact us at 1-877-774-8592 (TTY 711). We'll help you find new providers or check and see if your current providers are in our network. We also will mail you a printed copy of your plan’s provider directory, if preferred.

You can access the Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Provider Finder by selecting your plan below.

Plan Name Provider Network
Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Basic (HMO)SM View Network
Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Dual Care Plus (HMO SNP)SM View Network
Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Classic (PPO)SM

Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Dental Premier (PPO)SM

Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Health Choice (PPO)SM

Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Protect (PPO)SM
View Network
Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Flex (PPO)SM View Network

Dental and Vision Locator

If your plan includes dental and vision coverage, you can search the provider locator to find the most up-to-date network of dental and vision providers near you. 

Find a Medicare Advantage plan dental provider

Find a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan dental provider

Find a vision provider

Medicare Select Hospital Network

See if a hospital you would use is in our listing. If so, our money-saving Medicare Select option may be right for you.

Blue Plan65 Select Providers