Downloadable Forms for Large Groups (151+ Employees)

Here are some commonly used forms for conducting business with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK). To access more downloadable forms, please log in to Blue Access for Producers.

To review and sign your request now electronically, select the sign now option below. Or you can download and save the form, to review and sign at a later date.

Enrollment Forms and Change Forms

Form Name Digital Form Download
Group Enrollment Application/Change Form – use this form to apply for group coverage or to make changes to an existing BCBSOK policy sign now download form
Group Enrollment Application/Change Form – Spanish N/A download form
BlueSelect Voluntary Group Dental Contract for Groups 151+ N/A download form
Checklist for Obtaining a Quote for New Groups 151+ N/A download form
Checklist for Submitting Sold Non-Regulated Groups 151+ N/A download form
Deductible Credit Form for Employees at Enrollment N/A download form
Disabled Dependent Authorization Form (for Group Plans) – Members with an employer-sponsored health plan should use this form to request continuation of coverage on their existing policy for a dependent who is incapable of self-support because of mental or physical impairment. Mail or fax the completed form to BCBSOK (see address and fax number at the top of the form). You can also use this form to add a disabled dependent to a new policy (include this completed form when you submit your enrollment application). N/A download form
Request for Continuation Coverage N/A download form


Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Form and Information

Form Name Digital Form Download
Annual MSP Employer Acknowledgement Form (EAF) with Instructions on Completing the Form N/A download form
Information Regarding the MSP Statute N/A download form
MSP Fact Sheet N/A download form


Miscellaneous Forms

Form Name Digital Form Download
Affidavit of Domestic Partnership sign now download form
Common Law Marriage Affidavit N/A download form
Request to Extend Coverage for Disabled Dependent sign now download form


Legal / HIPAA Forms

Form Name Digital Form Download
Standard Authorization Form and other HIPAA Privacy Forms N/A N/A