BlueOptions® PPO Plans


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK) has a helpful solution to support your cost-savings strategy, including the tools to educate your employees about their benefits with BlueOptions. 

BlueOptions takes your efforts to control health costs to the next level by encouraging employees to use a smaller provider network. Employees will have the choice to use the broader BlueChoice PPO network but will have a greater share of the cost.  

How BlueOptions Works

Here’s a sample of an employee’s choices in the BlueOptions network:

• Tier 1 - if the member elects to use a provider in the BluePreferred PPO, a smaller, select network, they pay the least out-of-pocket expenses.

• Tier 2 - the member pays additional out-of-pocket costs by choosing a provider in the broader BlueChoice network of providers.

• Tier 3 - the member pays the highest out-of-pocket cost by selecting an out-of-network provider.

Sometimes members need more options

BlueOptions is a unique PPO plan that offers the widest choice of network doctors and hospitals, yet is priced significantly lower than other standard PPO plans. Plus, BlueOptions is designed to encourage your employees to make consumer-directed decisions about their health care. Here’s how it works.

Employers and their employees pay a low premium for network coverage through the BluePreferred network. Employees can then choose to use providers in our BlueChoice PPO network, but they will pay a higher coinsurance amount for these services. Instead of the entire group paying higher premiums to access our other PPO network, only the employees who use these networks will pay to use them.

Strength of the Blue Brand

  • Employees who choose a PPO plan get access to BlueCard®, a large provider network, which includes more than 97 percent of hospitals nationwide for care when away from home
  • Member discounts – save money on value-added health care products and services 
  • Access to health and wellness programs: Blue Care Connection® and Well onTarget®
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield is among the most trusted names in the industry

Interested in learning more about BlueOptions? Contact your account representative or visit the Contact Us page to find a regional sales office near you.