Health Advocacy Solutions

(ASO 1,000+ Groups)

Providing health care benefits to employees is one of your largest expenses.

What if they had an expert to help them navigate the system, help manage their health and guide them to high-quality, appropriately priced care when they need it?

Health Advocacy Solutions provides a more personal experience that does just that. In one stop, employees have access to expert health advocates for hands-on navigation and care support, along with a full suite of digital wellness resources. The result: meaningful connections that empower employees to get or stay on the path to good health. It's a simple and easy way to help them get the most out of their health benefits, easing your administrative burden while delivering a new level of savings potential for your company.

Having an Advocate Makes the Difference

We take an integrated advocacy and care management approach. More personal means more effective, and it all starts with a concierge experience that gets your employees engaged. Advanced analytics allow health advocates to reach out proactively to employees, when they can benefit the most from redirection, prescriptive intervention, and chronic condition or care management support.

  • We engage both the employee and provider sides of the journey to drive savings, redirection and support along the care continuum.
  • Specialists are engaged to guide an integrated care approach with behavioral health and pharmacy.
  • Advocates with specific expertise help deliver enhanced and personal navigation for complex health care journeys like oncology and diabetes, and even gives caregivers support they need.
  • Health advocated have real-time access to a member's medical information.
  • Social workers assist members in reducing barriers such as transportation to care, housing concerns or food insecurity.
  • We offer comprehensive programs to tackle diabetes, obesity, hypertension and other conditions, plus digital tools to help members make wellness a part of their daily life.

A Program Built to Deliver What's Important to You

We work with you to tailor the right engagement needed to help meet your company's culture and financial goals.

  • High-risk, high-cost clinical management
  • Expanded outpatient utilization management
  • Member rewards and incentives
  • Engagement requirements
  • Clinical vendor referral integration option
  • Digital wellness resources

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