Thank you for your interest in Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma. All of our plans follow the Affordable Care Act guidelines and provide the same set of essential health benefits, quality and amount of care. The differences are how much your premium costs each month, what portion of the bill you pay for things like hospital visits or prescription medications, and how much your total out-of-pocket costs are. In addition to these plans, we also offer catastrophic coverage.

Plan Brochure

Let us help you choose the health insurance plan that fits you best.


To help you make an informed choice about your health care coverage, we are providing Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) documents for each of our plans. These SBCs describe key features such as the covered benefits, cost-sharing provisions, and coverage limitations and exceptions. Information in these SBCs represents an overview of coverage. It is not a complete list of what is covered or excluded. Information is subject to change. The full terms of coverage are located in the insurance policy.