Special Enrollment: Having or Adopting a Child

Congratulations! It's exciting to welcome a new child into your home. To start thinking about your child's health, consider adding them to your plan through the Special Enrollment Period.

How Does a Newborn or Adopted Child Qualify for a Special Event?

Adding to your family is a qualifying event for Special Enrollment. This means you can update your Individual and Family health insurance coverage within 60 days of adding to your family.

You may also qualify for Special Enrollment if you were ordered by a court to provide health care coverage for a dependent.

Woman holding a newborn while looking at her phone

Start Shopping for Health Insurance Today

Whether you're adjusting your current health plan, looking for something new or enrolling for the first time, you're in the right place. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma has many plans to choose from to fit your new family and budget.

Pregnant woman getting a doctor's check up - explore the services covered by a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois plan

How Does Your Plan Cover Children and Pregnancy?

Many related benefits are always included in your plan, like:

  • Care for birth complications
  • Visits and screening with doctors and midwives
  • Nursing support and breastfeeding supplies and equipment
  • Pregnancy supplements
  • Pediatric dental care

How to Get Health Insurance After Having or Adopting a Child

1Members of American Indian and Alaska Native tribes can enroll any month, not just during open enrollment. You can even apply for cost assistance.

Last Updated: May 28, 2024