American Indian Outreach

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK) is dedicated to building strong relationships with the 38 federally-recognized tribes and other tribal-serving organizations throughout Oklahoma. BCBSOK is committed to investing in health-related programs and will work along-side Tribal partners to accomplish these goals that benefits the entire state and helps to support healthier generations.

Read our brochure PDF Document for more information about BCBSOK’s commitment to tribal communities across the state.

Committed to Tribal Communities Across the State

Do you have questions about health insurance?

The BCBSOK Mobile Assistance Center (MAC) team is a group of licensed community outreach specialists, ready to help people navigate their options in a one-on-one, private setting physically or virtually.

The MAC’s dedicated team can help individuals with all coverage options including Medicare plans, individual retail marketplace plans, group plans and federal employee plans. They can also help current BCBSOK members with claim questions, help find providers in their network and continuing educational outreach on maximizing their health insurance benefits

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You can also contact the BCBSOK MAC team directly or visit Learn more about third-party links.

Are you a Tribal health provider? Visit our Oklahoma Provider page.