Community Giving

Corporate giving is an opportunity to strengthen and enrich our communities. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma recognizes that — in the healthcare sector in particular — there is a unique opportunity to participate in solving problems that affect not only the health of individuals, but also, the well-being of our communities and state.

Blue ImpactSM Grants

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma's major grant program is part of a refreshed community investment strategy focused on the social determinants of health. The new Blue Impact grants and other BCBSOK community investments will more directly target the social and economic factors that play a role in health and wellness.

Blue Impact invests in and partners with nonprofit organizations that offer sustainable, measurable programs to reach Oklahomans in these five areas of focus:

  • Economic Opportunity and Stability: Addressing issues such as poverty, removing barriers to employment, providing good jobs, and upskilling.
  • Nutrition: Supporting efforts to decrease hunger and increase access to nutritional food.
  • Neighborhood and Local Assets: Focusing on affordable healthy housing, access to transportation, and access to physical activity.
  • Locally Defined Health Solutions: Addressing local health and human service needs.
  • Optimal Health Outcomes: Helping close gaps in care, specifically around six priority areas: immunizations; diabetes care; cardiovascular care; behavioral health; early detection cancer screening and maternal & infant health.

Applications must be submitted by May 1, 2024. The Blue Impact grant program year will run from July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025.

How to Apply

If your organization shares our goal to improve the health and wellness of Oklahomans through economic opportunity and stability, nutrition, neighborhood and built environment or optimal health outcomes, we invite you to apply online.

In addition to aligning with one or more of our five areas of focus, we require criteria for review of all grant proposals:

  • The organization must hold a 501(c)(3) tax status.
  • The grant must primarily target individuals in Oklahoma.
  • The program must be measurable and demonstrate how the goals will be met as defined in the grant proposal.

If you have any questions, contact us.


BCBSOK accepts and reviews online charitable sponsorship requests throughout the year.

A sponsorship application can request funding for events such as galas, dinners, conferences, etc., that offer BCBSOK not only an opportunity to contribute to a charitable cause but also an opportunity for community visibility and recognition in the communities we serve.

All requests for corporate contributions must be conducted through an online application process.

What BCBSOK Does Not Fund

For the grant and sponsorship programs, the BCBSOK focus is health and human services; therefore, priority is given to organizations addressing community needs in the specific areas above. Only requests that directly benefit Oklahoma residents are considered for funding.

The following requests will not be considered for funding:

  • Organizations or projects with written policies that discriminate against individuals based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious creed, national origin, physical or mental disability, or protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.
  • Animal welfare
  • Beauty or talent contests
  • Capital campaigns
  • Dues, fees and tuition
  • Fraternal activities
  • Meals
  • Political campaigns
  • Religious activities
  • Subscriptions
  • Support for a sole individual
  • Telethons
  • Youth athletic programs

Last Updated: March 19, 2024