Preventive Care Guidelines for Oklahoma Commercial, Marketplace and Medicare plans

BCBSOK publishes and disseminates evidence-derived Preventive Care Guidelines based upon the recommendations of recognized sources such as professional medical associations, specialty societies, professional consensus panels, national task forces, and governmental entities. The guidelines are designed to improve physician/practitioner awareness of (and compliance with) effective clinical preventive care, to improve patient education and to increase the percentage of members who receive recommended clinical preventive care services. These guidelines are current and have been reviewed and approved by the BCBSOK Quality Improvement Committee.

If you would like to comment on the Preventive Care Guidelines adopted by BCBSOK, please email Dr. Douglas Stewart. The guidelines are not all inclusive and do not cover all possible circumstances, but should be considered as a summary of basic preventive services for these populations:

  1. Children from birth to 17 years
  2. Adults 18 years and older
  3. Adults 65 years and older

Preventive Care Guidelines