2019 News Archive

12/30/19 Coordinating Care Between Behavioral Health and Medical Providers

12/30/19 Pricing update for Visco-Supplements Beginning Jan. 1, 2020

12/27/19 Reminder: Medicare Providers May Not Bill Participants in the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program

12/24/19 Introducing a New Prior Authorization & Referral Submission Tool via Availity® Provider Portal

12/24/19 Reminder that Laboratory Benefit Level Changes for Some Members this Month

12/24/19 Reminder: Out-of-Network Medicare Providers Can Treat Group Medicare Advantage Open Access (PPO) Members

12/23/19 Coordinating Care Among Behavioral Health and Medical Providers

12/19/19 Reminder Medicare Advantage Program 30 Day Readmission Facility

12/18/19 Reminder of Change to the Preservice Appeals process for your Medicare Patients Covered by BCBSOK

12/17/19 Notification of Annual Benefit Updates

11/29/19 Annual Reminder: Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice Required

11/25/19 New Programs Help Members Lead Healthier Lives

11/25/19 Medicare Advantage: Interpreting the 'PLB' Segment on the 835 Electronic Remittance

11/25/19 Medicare Advantage: Electronic Payment Summary Now Available for 835 ERA Receivers

11/22/19 New Names and ID Cards for Group Medicare Plans

11/14/19 Be Covered – Increasing Coverage for the Uninsured and Underinsured

11/14/19 Flu Season is Here

11/14/19 New Social Determinants of Health Screening Tool

11/11/19 New Addresses for Claims Overpayment Returns

11/06/19 Medicare Advantage: New Claim Status Tool via Availity® Provider Portal

11/04/19 Register Today: Behavioral Health HEDIS Webinar Training Thursday, Dec. 5

11/04/19 Availity® Remittance Viewer Tool Upgrade

11/04/19 Antibiotic Use in the Outpatient Setting

10/28/19 Verify Preauthorization Requirements by Procedure Code via IVR Phone System

10/24/19 Availity® Remittance Viewer Tool Upgrade

10/23/19 Medicare Advantage plans receive an update to Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T/cell Therapy for Cancers via a decision memo from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

10/23/19 Time/Based Measurement Standard to Follow AMA

10/23/19 Pricing update for Udenyca (Q5111) Beginning Jan. 1, 2020

10/23/19 Collaborating to Reduce Opioid Abuse

10/22/19 eviCore Benefit Preauthorization Training for Advanced Imaging, Genomic Lab, Joint/Spine/Pain and Sleep Management Services

10/15/19 Do You Talk to your Patients about the cost of Health Care?

10/10/19 New Prior Authorization Requirements for Oklahoma Members Effective Jan. 1, 2020

10/03/19 Cotiviti Denial Rationale and Additional Action(s) Now Available in the Claim Research Tool

09/27/19 Updates to APRN (CNP and CNS) Credentialing Process

09/27/19 Changes to Medicare Advantage Payment Models for Skilled Nursing Facility and Home Health Care Claims

09/19/19 Laboratory Benefit Level Change

09/19/19 FEP Blue Focus Reminder

09/13/19 Measure and Document Body Mass Index (BMI)

08/26/19 Member Letters Have a New Look!

08/26/19 New and Exciting Functionality Coming to the Claim Research Tool (CRT) via Availity® Provider Portal

08/26/19 Medicare Advantage Updates to Provider Finder Coming in September 2019

08/26/19 IVR Phone System: Consolidated Benefit Response

08/26/19 Mammography Screening for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

08/26/19 Coming Oct. 1, 2019, Receive Electronic Notifications for Quality and Risk Adjustment Medical Record Requests for Claims via Availity® Provider Portal

08/02/19 Automated Phone System Offers More Service Options for Medicare Advantage

08/02/19 Availity® Claim Research Tool Offers Enhanced Claim Status Results

07/31/19 Changes to Prior Authorization Requirements for Blue Cross Medicare AdvantageSM Members

07/31/19 Notice of Change to Preservice Appeals process for your Medicare Patients Covered by BCBSOK

07/22/19 Changes to Behavioral Health Claim Review Coming

07/19/19 Bringing Millennial Health into the 21st Century

07/02/19 Reminder: Credentialing Process for Physicians and Other Health Care Professionals with BCBSOK

07/01/19 Changes to Benefit Specialty Pharmacy Procedure Code List: Always check Preauthorization Requirements

06/24/19 ClaimsXtenTM Quarterly Updates

06/24/19 Changes to Behavioral Health Claim Review Coming

06/14/19 While ADHD Diagnosis Rises, Treatment Patterns Fall Short

06/14/19 Updated Resources Online NDC Units Calculator Tool Now Available

06/10/19 Reporting On/Demand Application Now Available for Medicare Advantage via Availity® Provider Portal

06/06/19 Out/of/State Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Enrollment Notification

05/22/19 Imaging Studies for Low Back Pain

05/15/19 In/home Colorectal Cancer Screening Test Provided to Select Members

05/03/19 BCBSOK Now Offers a Choice in Pharmacies for Specialty Medications

05/02/19 2019 HHS/Risk Adjustment Data Validation Program (RADV)

05/01/19 Change in Reject Notification for Invalid National Drug Codes (NDCs) Used on Electronic Medicare Advantage Claims

04/30/19 Check Your Patients' Behavioral Health Preauthorization Requirements

04/15/19 The New Great Depression

04/15/19 Making an Impact in Our Community

04/15/19 Save Time by Using eviCore Web Portal for Preauthorization Requests

03/13/19 Are you using these shared decision/making aids?

02/22/19 Behavioral Health Care Providers / Time is running out to make sure we have the correct information about your practice

02/19/19 Government Programs: Verifying Claim Status in the Availity® Provider Portal

02/14/19 BCBSOK’s Payer Spaces Updates in Availity Provider Portal

01/21/19 Behavioral Health Care Providers: We Need Your Help to Improve Access to Care!

01/18/19 New Opioid Drug Management Program for Medicare Members

01/08/19 Hold Times and Yearly Eligibility Changes

01/04/19 2019 Updates to the Behavioral Health Request Forms

01/04/19 Automated Phone System Change for Behavioral Health Services